We are under a limited lockdown, none of us can travel to far, we cant meet up with friends and family, visit restaurants, the cinema or get out to the high street.

This is nothing in comparison to the many who at this point are wondering where their next meal will come from, how they will make it to the clinic, how will they buy that medicine from the clinic, what if they get sick when they get to the clinic and pass it on to their immediate family with home they are sharing a tiny hut with no running water or other basic needs many of us take for granted.

If you have no money and your family is starving and you as a bread winner are under pressure to provide and you are living in the bush on the outskirts of a game reserve or national park, ask yourself, what would you do?

Poaching is wrong, its against the law and threatens wildlife survival in the small pockets animals are confined to. Human suffering is wrong, starvation and disease through poverty in this modern era is wrong. To go into the bigger picture on the causes and affects of poverty, overpopulation, human wildlife conflict and poaching would amount to an essay of great proportion.

This COVID has really altered the level of suffering many are facing now and this extends to the levels of poaching throughout the world, brought on by suffering if innocent families and the lack of tourism, bringing anti-poaching and conservation efforts to a bare minimum. The bigger players in wildlife trafficking are taking advantage of this lack of security – what will the long term affects of many years of conservation be after being hit by this sudden onslaught?

Its shows how dependent poor governments are on tourism as a wildlife fighting and protecting force. Tourism brings in money for animal protection and improves the lives of the local communities. Without this the government cant keep up with the bigger poaching syndicates.

The real sad thing is, most often its the hungry family man trying to feed his starving family who is the one who gets caught and branded a poacher and punished, rather than the bigger players in the game.