A great way of getting the kids learning about animals and for Mums and Dads to get involved with the kids! The Free Big 5 course for Kids, and Adults (there is also more advanced adults version) is a great starter for any budding conservationists and Game Rangers out there.

The next generation of conservationists are vitally important to the future of nature and our planet. Its so encouraging to see the younger generation getting so involved and active in the issues facing our planet and nature as a whole. They know its theirs and their children’s future at stake and they want to be heard by the ‘adults’ who are making decisions at the top.

Getting children involved with nature at a young age is not only fun its an important part of understanding how delicate the balance of nature is and how we as humans have a massive role to play in how this natural balance is maintained. They have seen the mistakes made and they want positive change for the future.