As we can all see the negative effects of coronavirus and our thoughts are with those who are affected and have lost loved ones to the terrible pandemic we do hope there are some lessons and positives we can learn and move forward with once this is all behind us.

Spending time at home, often with family is precious time we must if possible cherish and make good use of. Your children will remember this time as the time Mommy and Daddy stayed at home, so make it count, it wont last until its back to normal and going back to normal life will be hard at first.

The environment as a whole is taking a breather. The air is getting cleaner as we all restrict our travelling and the skies are clear of the barrage of airlines that criss cross our planet constantly. This can only be a good thing for us all the affects of which Im sure scientists are looking at now and Im sure will help our planet recover a bit from our actions.

As we all get used to home working perhaps something going forward should be to make at least one day a week, nationwide then perhaps worldwide a work at home day.

Less travel means less pollution, emission’s and less travel stress for us all, traffic, rushing to the morning deadline is not good for our minds. We all need a break and we can all still be productive at home whilst doing good for the planet.

Greta Thunberg are you listening, lets get this message out there. Call it something like #planetbreather ??

Whilst we all stand outside and cheer and clap for our health services to show appreciation during this time, this appreciation should continue after this is all over, not only for the health workers but all low paid workers who do the jobs we all are guilty of not really noticing. The shop staff, the care givers who look after the disabled, elderly and provide any form of support for those in need. The Wildlife Conservation officers and anti poaching rangers who are still out there in the background keeping the animals who haven’t a clue out there, safe.

There are many positives, We cant list them all here.

 If you want to add some more and share your positive stories please do. Email us your story and we will share it here.

We need all the positivity we can offer at this time and together we can and make it a time to remember and learn from and carry the positivity forward.