Now also available in Dutch – Kids Big 5 Cursus

How to get started!

Step 1: You will need the help of a parent/guardian to help get you started. Register (FREE) as an ONLINE student through our website:

Step 2: Once registered, log in & go to your “My Courses” page. (Here, you will see the full list of all the online courses we offer).

Step 3: Scroll down to the “Kid’s Big 5 Course” (at the bottom). Click open the course and begin! Full instruction on how to complete the course will be found on the very first pages of the first component.

Certificate T&C’s: This course is FREE for all children to access and complete. However, if required, a digital certificate may be redeemed at a cost of R 250. Upon graduation, we will automatically contact you with the option to redeem a certificate or not. *Redeeming a course certificate is optional, not compulsory.

Guardians of Nature Oath Certificate T&C’s: There is no cost to redeem this certificate. Please see the first component of the course for our Kid’s Club and certificate info.