Our thoughts and prayers are with all those who are affected by or will be affected by COVID-19.

The communities that rely on tourism for support and income are suffering at a scale never seen before. Jobs are being lost in all industries, the world has been hit hard by something we never saw coming. Mother nature is having a breather whilst us humans go into lockdown.

Wildlife poaching will continue, the rangers still need our prayers and support, they will still be out there where they can fighting for wildlife with the worry of friends and family in their minds.

To all the healthcare workers worldwide who are tirelessly working to save lives, we are immensely grateful for what you are all doing, putting your lives on the line to save others.
No matter what values you live your life by or would like to live your life by, take this time to become a better version of yourself, for yourself and for others.

Life will be different from now, we will be learning from this and we should change the way we live our lives for the better for all.

We will get through this together, hopefully with a better idea of whats really important in life, cherishing all that is close to us, being considerate and kind to others and the planet we live on.