Many people and groups have different reasons and ideas for getting involved in wildlife conservation.

Morally nature has a right to live here as much as humans do and doesn’t deserve to be wiped out. The killing for sport, hunting, killing for monetary gain and greed (poaching) and wiping out large natural areas for farming are all seen as not morally correct.

Our future generations deserve to enjoy the natural world, its beauty, to experience the sense of wonder, the peaceful and spiritual engagement we receive from nature. The beauty of the large beasts a well as the small. The incredible and efficient way nature works together needs to be protected for the future generations to experience. Its simply makes life more interesting and enjoyable living with nature.

Wildlife and nature does if managed correctly provide ethical monetary gain to helping pull some of the most deprived areas out of poverty. It doesn’t eradicate poverty but it can help communities enjoy a better quality and sustainable way of living. Tourism from safari lodges, wildlife protection of game reserves and national parks all employ many people from nearby communities for those from distant far flung corners of the world to enjoy.

Without this, these communities would rely on ever dwindling supplies of natural resources to survive. The increasing population in these communities would incur more pressure on the natural animals and surrounding areas until these areas are gone and the communities have no means to support themselves.

These reasons and others, we could go on, need to be inter-linked . We need to somehow all agree on a comprehensive and common goal orientated conservation focus. The danger for many conservation groups is taking opposing conservation routes means progress will be hampered.

Lets hope we can all get together as one to make conservation work for us all!