When we think of animals under threat from extinction then the Rhino and Elephant instantly come to mind. There are other iconic African animals such as the Lion, Giraffe, Wild Dog, Cheetah that are also heading towards crisis point. There are also many other lesser known and thought of species such as the Aardvark, Vultures, Riverine Rabbit and ocean turtle’s species such as the Hawksbill.

Away from Africa we know of the challenges Polar bears and Tigers are facing, they are loosing their habitat and getting closer to humans in search of food. This is a double whammy for them, being closer to humans and hungry does not end well. This is happening now and it’s a path we can change if we all come together and realize that this is reality and needs urgent attention.

These are the species we can visibly see and document the noticeable decline in their numbers. Imagine the countless other species being lost not yet discovered. The impact of loosing one species will have a negative knock on effect on others causing a slippery domino effect that will be hard to reverse.

Imagine the impact this is having already without us even knowing. The depletion of the oceans, the great loses of huge swathes of Amazon rainforest and other large-scale deforestation that’s happening without being documented. All to clear land for increasing human populations and the need for food and growing demand from consumers.

Species are being lost that we have not yet even touched on and the negative affects of this cannot be determined but they are not good, a link in the chain is broken.

If you want to begin making a positive change you can. Get involved. Conservation through education.