The bad news is us humans are responsible for the high rate of species extinction and accelerated decline in animal populations around the globe.
The good news is that we are also seeing an increase in wildlife conservation success stories globally. Nature is resilient and with our help through we can slowly start to reverse this path towards extinction we have started.

Conservation can be successful if we work together, by protecting and regenerating habitats, working with the local communities who live alongside wildlife and fostering a love and appreciation for nature.
Through education and awareness, we can ensure that nature is around for future generations to enjoy and live with in harmony.
It’s a long road but not an impossible one, there will be bumps along the way.

If you want to work wildlife management or conservation in the field no matter where this might be or even looking for a career working in safari parks, educational centres or zoos, then the Wildlife Conservation Diploma is a perfect place to get started.