Part 4

I head for the kitchen, with my torch as you never know what’s around the corner!  I find all is in order and looking good. It’s not always this way and we often need to improvise, but fortunately the guests wouldn’t know it. Whatever is going on in the background, as long as the guests are not aware and we deliver the goods then we have done well!

Simon the head waiter and I decide it’s time to call the guest to dinner. We all sit down and enjoy first class food, prepared in the middle of the bush.  We swap stories of the bush and life in general; getting to know each other around the table. This is where friendships are made. We are all very satisfied. Most of the guest’s head to bed, Mike stays on at the bar a bit longer, we chat, with the hippos and hyenas calling the background, until he leaves.

It’s now 10pm, it’s been a long but satisfying day, all the guests are happy. It’s time for my bed, one last check of the main area, kitchen and security staff, then off I walk to my house at the back. Don’t forget that torch!