Part 2

It’s getting hotter; I sit down to a quick breakfast, then into the kitchen to discuss lunch and dinner plans with the chefs. Stocks checked, so it’s off to the office to prepare the monthly wages. On the way I see the baboons doing their morning patrol around the workshop.

The Jones family are leaving today. They say they have had a perfect stay and want to meet the chef – they loved his homemade breads and bund, made in the traditional way taught to him by his mother. After hugs and handshakes, they thank us all and leave vowing to come back and to recommend us.  They leave as friends; say we must keep in contact. Well done to all the team who made it happen; this is what makes the job so rewarding.

John from the camp down river radios though. They would like to borrow out boat; they have boat safari planned and their engine is playing up. All the camps help each other when we can, so we arrange for our boat and driver/guide to collect their guests and head out on safari, dodging hippos along the way! Happy to help; it could be us next time.

National Parks arrive unexpectedly to discuss activities in the reserve

A staff member unexpectedly needs to take leave; he is needed at home to help his family.

I’m told the game drive vehicle needs a new starter motor and the solar lights went out early last night, we need to investigate.

Oh, and let’s get those guiding books organized. We need to prepare for a training session with the guides; tomorrow we are discussing water birds.

To be continued…..