True Wildlife Warriors protecting wildlife on the ground

Protecting wildlife is a dangerous task. Being in the bush, with all its inherent dangers, is the easy part.  However, with the threat to your life from poachers armed with guns and you have a situation most people would not dream of putting themselves into.

The men and women of the anti-poaching units throughout Africa have chosen this way of life to protect the many threatened species that need our protection.

Poachers turned protectors have inside knowledge of the poaching networks. and Many grew up in and around the bush, know how to survive, are expert trackers, and now share a common goal and love for nature they are putting lives on the line for. There are many success stories; working on minimal budgets, they strive onwards.

Technology, sniffer dogs, spotter aircraft, safari lodges, conservation organizations, military style training from other nations and education all work together along to assist the anti-poaching efforts on the ground.  The strong, dedicated and men and woman on the frontline, living and breathing the bush, protecting the wildlife from the barrel of the gun, deserve our support and respect.