Last Male Sumatran Rhino dies in Malaysia. Once again populations that once thrived are down to a handful of individual due to humans need for land and greed. Poaching, logging, deforestation development of roads, farms all the usual suspects in the name of development.

Should a beautiful animal that has a right to live on the planet it was meant to be wiped out due to development? Having small isolated pockets of individuals is not going to end well, it makes them an easy target for poachers, and limit their ability to find food breeding partners and not to mention conflict from humans.

If we where to give their land back, let it recover, loose the farms, the roads, let the trees and bush grow back, let nature run its course, then there could be hope that nature could bounce back. Lets live alongside nature, not against the natural flow. I know what the term ‘development’ means to me, what does it mean to you? Think about it.