One of the pioneers of walking in the bush Norman Carr, said you never understand a country fully until you’ve walked it, well the same is true for the bush you learn to understand it better by walking it. What’s that smell, that sound, that mark on the ground, the way that grass is leaning, that broken branch, you read the signs to interpret the bush and the story that’s surrounding you. 

Your senses are awakened, you see and hear, smell things you wouldn’t on a game drive, your feel your heart, you can hear your breath you feel more alive and in tune with nature and your surroundings, many life changing experiences are found whilst walking in the bush. You will be humbled, once you have this walking bug you will never look back and always want more.

Become part of your surrounds, stop and take it all in, the insects, the birds all those sounds become more intense when you are not sitting in a vehicle. You might cover less ground but you will pick up and see much more. That baboon barked, stop think, why is it making an alarm call, whats happening? This elephant dung is fresh, which way is the wind blowing, that’s an oxpecker sound, buffalo? On the ground everything is more real, your decisions keep you and your guests safe.

Becoming a trails guide is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world, you will provide guests with some of the most unique experiences of their lives they will never forget, you are playing your part in installing a better appreciation and understanding of nature that your guests will take away with them.