Our Advanced Animal Behaviour Courses were written by the world-renowned ethologist, Professor Richard Estes. These are the most comprehensive courses of their kind. Featuring line drawings, photographs, tables, graphs, references and assessment questions.

There is everything you ever wanted to know about the behaviour, biology and ecology of African carnivores, herbivores and primates.

Should you wish to study the Animal Behaviour Series (Primates, Carnivores and Herbivores) together, you’ll be entitled to a further 25 % discount, please enquire before you purchase. 

Module # 1 – Intro to Primates 

  • Component # 1 – Introduction to Primates 

Module # 2 – Bushbabies and Pottos 

  • Component # 1 – Intro to Family Lorisidae 
  • Component # 2 – Lesser Bushbaby 
  • Component # 3 – Greater Bushbaby 

Module # 3 – Old World Monkeys 

  • Component # 1 – Communication in Family Cercopithecidae 
  • Component # 2 – Guenons / Mangabeys
  • Component # 3 – Blue or Sikes Monkey
  • Component # 4 – Vervet Monkey 
  • Component # 5 – Savanna Baboons (Guinea, Olive, Yellow & Chacma) 

Module # 4 – Colobus Monkeys

  • Component # 1 – The B&W Colobus Monkeys

Module # 5 – Great Apes 

  • Component # 1 – Intro to the Great Apes 
  • Component # 2 – Gorilla (Western Lowland) 
  • Component # 3 – Chimpanzee 


Course Cost: ZAR 600 or £30*

*Cost based on current exchange rates to the South African Rand (ZAR)

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All Course content is available online but may also be downloaded in PDF format (and easily printed) so you don’t have to be online to study. No physical product except certificates earned, are posted to students. 

All assessment is delivered entirely online and is automated. The assessment which we’ve called “take the test” (top right in each component) consists of between 10 and 30 true/false and multiple-choice questions. There is one test for each of the components of a course. Students may attempt these tests as many times as required until they have achieved the passing mark. Once a test is passed, it cannot be taken again. 

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