Our Game Guard Management Course is based upon extensive practical experience and provides a detailed, theoretical insight into the requirements of setting up and running a successful Game Guard Unit on Reserves and Conservancies to counter poaching activities. In this course, we explore a brief history of game guarding in Southern Africa, the selection and training of Game Guards, their deployment and on-going management. 

If you are a reserve owner, conservancy, wildlife or game farm manager; game ranger, game guide, game guard, trails guide or field guide or merely have an interest in this field this course is a logical and pragmatic guide for you. The course was written in conjunction with the renowned conservationist, Ken Coetzee. 

Module # 1 – Introduction to Game Guard Management 

  • Component # 1 – Foreword to the Game Guard Management Course 

Module # 2 – Game Guard Management 

  • Component # 1 – Introduction to Game Guard Management 
  • Component # 2 – Management & Control of Game Guards 

Module # 3 – Equipment, Training & Deployment 

  • Component # 1 – Game Guard Equipment 
  • Component # 2 – Training & Deployment 

Module # 4 – Game Guarding Part # 1 

  • Component # 1 – A Guide to Patrolling 
  • Component # 2 – Game Guard Legalities 
  • Component # 3 – The HR of Game Guards 

Module # 5 – Game Guarding Part # 2 

  • Component # 1 – First Aid and Survival 
  • Component # 2 – Mounted Patrolling 
  • Component # 3 – Wildlife, Habitat, Tracks & Signs 

Module # 6 – The Tail-End 

  • Component # 1 – Conclusion 


Course Cost: ZAR 850 or £41*

*Cost based on current exchange rates to the South African Rand (ZAR)

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All Course content is available online but may also be downloaded in PDF format (and easily printed) so you don’t have to be online to study. No physical product except certificates earned, are posted to students. 

All assessment is delivered entirely online and is automated. The assessment which we’ve called “take the test” (top right in each component) consists of between 10 and 30 true/false and multiple-choice questions. There is one test for each of the components of a course. Students may attempt these tests as many times as required until they have achieved the passing mark. Once a test is passed, it cannot be taken again. 

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